Red Bull Ragnarok 2014: Snowkite insanity!

Last Friday I was participating in the world largest snowkite race, which took place at Hardangervidda in Norway. There was barely any wind, and I’m really impressed of those who managed to complete all 5 laps (more than 60km I believe)! Or even just one. I didn’t get far before my binding felt off one of my skies (long story), and it was impossible for me to continue the race. Disappointed, but hey, at least it was sunny!

Thanks to Sideshore for lending me a large kite!



The  Tarahumara Indians are a Native American people of northwestern Mexico (Copper Canyons). Most still practice a traditional lifestyle; living in caves, cliff overhangs, or small cabins of wood or stone. After 2009, when Christopher McDougall published his book Born to Run, the Tarahumaras are often being referred to as “the running people” due to their long-distance running ability. They eat lots of corn and beans, and usually run in hand made sandals! Pretty much as close as you can get to barefoot-running. When distance running they eat Pinole to keep their energy levels up.

“Pinole is a Spanish translation of an Aztec word for a coarse flour made from ground toasted maize kernels, often in a mixture with a variety of herbs and ground seeds, which can be eaten by itself or be used as the base for a beverage.”
– Wikipedia.

Sooo, after finishing reading Born to Run I was inspired to make Pinole. Well, my very own version. I’m not in Mexico and I don’t toast my own corn, so this was the closest I could get. Pinole can be eaten as a porridge, baked in the oven (shaped as cookies – easier to carry on long runs), or even made into a drink. The picture collage below pretty much explains it all…



I baked it in the oven at about 180 degrees celcius for about 15 minutes or so (until brownish/crispy).



Let’s taste (before baked in oven…)


mmm (?)

It tasted… like somthing new. I’ll have to experiment more to get my perfect recipe.

Keen to try? ;-)


BORN TO RUN by Christopher McDougall – true inspiration!

Exploring snow and ice. Barefoot.

Fivefingers and powpow

Wait wait wait, and never give up… Injuries are pretty shitty. But what can I do. Just wait. And I have, for months. I recently had my first run in a very long time, and it felt great! Ever since I bought my first pair of minimalistic (barefoot) running “shoes” in July 2012, I’ve not even once used my (old) regular running shoes. Even when hiking, exploring surfaces like rocks and mudd.

Now it was time to explore snow and ice. I reckon it was about -4 degrees celcius, the main roads were covered in ice while on the off road tracks I could enjoy fresh snow (on top of ice…). It felt funny at first, then cold and I had to squeeze my toes together every time they where off ground. It helped. After about 10 minutes I was warm and the next 30 minutes were awesome! I’m already excited for the next run :-)

What’s your winter running experience? Barefoot anyone?


Kitesurfing Wave Challenge 2012

This weekend I flew to Stavanger (West coast of Norway) for the Kitesurfing Wave Challenge 2012. I didn’t sign up to compete, but these kind of events are always very social and fun! Day one (Friday) was beautiful and sunny, but no wind so the competition was cancelled (postponed to Saturday). We were hanging out at Bore beach, where some went out for a surf or SUP. I could feel a cold coming on, so I decided to stay out of the water. The same evening we met up at Timbuktu in the city of Stavanger. Great to catch up with kite-friends I hadn’t seen for a while!

Saturday morning we went back to Bore beach, hoping for better conditions. It turned out to be crazy! I mean, ten minutes sunshine, then heavy rain, strong wind, then no wind and so on… The sky was fantastic though – see images :-) Late in the afternoon the competition was on! The waves where small, but the wind was good. I felt very cold after 7-8 hours outdoors in this crazy weather! Later in the evening we gathered at “De Røde Sjøhus” in the city for dinner, drinks, prizes and fun!

Then finally, Sunday I went out kiting at Sola beach. The wind was STRONG and GUSTY and I only got about 20 minutes on the water before I had to land the kite. I could have waited for the wind to drop, but my kite was leaking air so I just had do drive “home” :-(

It’s been a great weekend, Stavanger (and especially Jæren) is so beautiful! Tomorrow I’m heading back to Oslo…

Till next time!


Great colours!


Karianne ready for a surf!


Cato and Marius riding Wainman Hawaii Boss and Punch!


Marius Coucheron in action


Jannicke Stav and Karianne Tønne competing


Jannicke and her colourful Nobile kite


Karianne and Wainman Hawaii Punch


Anne Sofie jumping around (or walking on water?)


How cute!!!


(Photo: Kristin Lippe)


Insta-moments @ Jæren


End of the competition!


Sunday kiting (photo: Anne Rekdal), then dropping Anne & Silje off at the airport


Thanks for a great weekend!



(Do not use any images without permission!)

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)

Tidligere i år ble jeg medlem av Den Norske Turistforening. Nå har jeg også fått min egen nøkkel så da er jeg klar for tur! Det er jo nesten 500 hytter rundt i hele landet – hvor skal jeg begynne? Anbefalinger? Jeg har vært innom endel hytter i Indre Troms da jeg var yngre, og var noen dager i Rondane da jeg gikk på folkehøgskole, men husker ikke nøyaktig hvor vi var. Ser fram til å se mer av den norske naturen! ;-)

Earlier this year I became a member of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), which is Norway’s biggest outdoor activities organisation. I now also have a key to access nearly 500 trekking association cabins across the country. Where to start…??? Can’t wait to spend (even more) time outdoors ;-)


Hiking (with Fivefingers!)

Sunday, my brother Andreas and I went for a hike in Nordmarka (north of “downtown” Oslo). My first hike with Fivefingers (12,5 km)!  We mainly walked, but did some running at the end. The terrain was very uneven with lots of rocks and mud! Free foot massage  ;-)


Did I say mud? MUD. Good thing with Fivefingers is that they dry quite fast so I didn’t relly get cold.


Bro on his way up to “Skjennungstua


Lunch break. Btw, I like purple.


Doing some stretching. I’ve done a proper “left” (and right) split a few times, but it’s usually more like this (left picture). So close.  I never really do much stretching, so guess I can say I’m more or less natural flexible. And I’m not 20 anymore! However, I really want to be able to do a “side” split (what’s the best name?) like I’m trying in the right picture. Still a long way to go haha. Will I make it by the end of 2012???


We started at Sogn, and ended up at Frognerseteren. Then had a chill metro ride back home :-)


Have you been hiking with Fivefingers? What’s your experience?
(Mine was great!)



My first barefoot running experience

Last year my brother Andreas introduced me to barefoot running. The concept of barefoot running could either mean actually running barefoot without shoes, or running with minimalistic/barefoot shoes. I had no idea this was a “big thing” (mainly overseas), however running without shoes was something I had done before. I used to train Tae Kwon Do in Australia (many years ago) and we often went outside for the warm up sessions, running barefoot on all kinds of surfaces. I was training barefoot for years, mainly inside on an old wooden floor. Last year I started training barefoot again, dancing. I really enjoy being barefoot, and I love being able to train without shoes!

My brother just finished a bachelor degree in “public health”, and his thesis was about barefoot running: “What are the effects of barefoot running vs. running with running shoes?” Part of his research was to start running barefoot. He now owns several pairs of barefoot running “shoes” (Vibram Fivefingers), and never use regular running shoes any more. He also convinced his former boss at the sport shop he was working at to start selling Vibram Fivefingers… ;-)

About 3 years ago I got more into running. I bought new Nike+ shoes and used my iPod Nano to track my runs. The ability to track my runs became a huge motivation, and since then I’ve been running regulary (well, not ALL the time hehe). In July (2012) i decided to try barefoot running and I bougth my very first pair of minimalistic running shoes: Vibram Fivefingers Bikila. Ohh, and they’ve got toes, soo funny! (Shouldn’t it be “fivetoes” instead hehe).

Image source


So I put my feet in the fivetoes, I mean fivefingers, and I could barely feel them!
A bit challenging to get the smallest toes in place, but other than that it was easy peasy.


Early next morning me and my brother went out for a run. My first “fivefingers” steps:

Beautiful morning sunshine!


I even took them off the last kilometer..

…just to feel the difference.


We did a 4km run, including some walking, stops to take shoes (Fivefingers!) off, and photography… ;)

OMG, the next day my LEGS (calfs) were sooo sore!!!

Advice for beginners: Do not go for long runs the first time barefoot running! Well, 4km is not that long, but when learning a new technique IT IS. Start with 1 or 2 km and do lots of stretching after, then wait a few days (or a week) and run a bit longer (and so on…). That’s my experience (and advice). However, we are all different! :-)


One last thing. The running technique. It’s very different from running with “regular” running shoes where most people land on the heel. In barefoot running it’s important to land on the toe ball! (VERY easily explained, ask someone more experienced for more info). I managed the technique quite well (I think), but my body still needs time to adjust and it might take some time… Unfortunately I have membranous bone inflammation in both legs so I’m having a break from running (3 weeks now…Not sure when I can run again without pain..), which is something I was struggling with BEFORE I started barefoot running. I believe I was starting out “too hard” and after 5-6 running sessions the injury was back :-(


Ok… HAPPY THOUGHTS! I’ll find a way to recover – soon I’ll be back out running barefoot!
Luckily I can do other activities without feeling the pain, like dancing :-)


Soo, what’s your impression of barefoot running? Have you tried it / would you like to try it?
I’m excited to “learn more”. Thanks bro!



(If you read Norwegian you can read Andreas’ Bachelor thesis or blog about barefoot running)


Fly Gym

I love to try new activities! Last Sunday it was climbing, today it was FLY GYM. To be honest I don’t know much about it yet, but it’s a new class at my dance studio. Here is some info from

Fly Gym is a series of soft, stretchy, reinforced fabric slings used for aerial yoga, fitness, rehab, aerial, pole dance and more. The web straps with handle are used mostly for functional boot-camp type training. You can train hard with both of them, and you can take a nap in Fly Gym when you’re done.

We did some stretching and strength excercises, a bit up side down and “flying”. Till next time!

Just chillin’


Doesn’t it look fun?
If you live in Oslo you can sign up for a class at